Our live reveal for Mother's Day bags will be Friday, May 8th starting at 6pm. This listing is for those who would like to pre-order their bags AND to purchase them before the night of the video. 


If you wish to have your bag shipped, it will not be unbagged during our video but will be shipped so that the person you are buying it for will receive it before Mother's Day. Please make a note of this in the comments before purchasing. 


If you are buying this bag for yourself or someone who will be watching the video and you plan on either picking your bag up OR want it shipped after the video, please make a note in the comments which number you are purchasing. You must also go to the group link here to post your item number you choose: https://www.facebook.com/groups/323224581985621/


Your bag will consist of $40.00 worth of product from our store. This may include sotre credit or gift card, accessories, jewelry, beauty items that are handmade, from Victoria's Secret and even Bath & Body Works products. We will have 40 numbers total. Choose your number 1 to 40 if you are getting your bag FOR the video! 

Every month, the bag will include different merchandise from our shop!


We do not currently offer exchanges or refunds on any item purchased in store or through our website!