The Victoria's Secret General lot consits of 100 bras, all sizes will be mixed. Requests can not be made on these lots. 60-75% will be sizes 32 and 34's with the remainder 25-40% being 36, 38 and 40's. The larger sizes are harder for us to get in, AND they always cost us more.


*Cup sizes will include A-DDD and can be requested but will not be guarenteed.

*Please see our specific bra lots for in stock.

*Lots can be filled during our trips to our vendor, which we make a few times a year or upon request for larger lots!

*Your lot MAY consist of:


100 Victoria's Secret bras: PINK, Dream Angels, Body by Victoria, Full Coverage, Push-up, Plunge, and more.

*Your price cost is $15.00 per bra

*All bras will retail between $34.50 and $72.50 a piece and have excellent mark up value.

*You will not be allowed to request ALL of one style simply because the order is harder to fill.

*Smaller lots are available for a lower cost. We also have bralette lots as well as lingerie lots.

*The pictures are a generallization of what you will receive. We go through hundreds of bras every month and they are always changing.